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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

My friend Ola Nilsson recently wrote his first book: 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda: Muscle Cars In Detail No. 2. Since founding the 1970-71 Plymouth and Dodge E-Body Convertible Registry in 1997, he's been acquiring knowledge on these special collectibles.

When the Barracuda was introduced in April 1964, the fledgling fastback would soon face a daunting task: to compete against the Ford Mustang. The Barracuda was competitive with the Mustang in in many ways but its Valiant origins were readily apparent. A 1967 redesign gave the Barracuda unique styling, but it continued to be based on the A-body platform; in contrast, the Mustang and new Camaro/Firebird cousins featured their own unique platforms. With a new platform for its 1970 redesign, Plymouth finally had a proper contender with the new E-body Barracuda. 

Despite stout competition from the Mustang and a redesigned Camaro/Firebird, the performance-oriented 'Cuda was more than up to the task of handling the competition thanks to stout engine choices like the 440-6 and 426 Hemi. Sales numbers never did match those of its crosstown rivals but, in today's marketplace, the 1971 'Cuda has won the battle – no other mass-produced pony car has attained the market value of the 1971 Hemi'Cuda convertible.

A native of Sweden, Ola began his E-body obsession just before he earned his driver's license at the age of 17. Being an airline pilot has allowed him to travel throughout the U.S. (and the world) to inspect the creme de la creme of 1971 'Cudas. There simply is no better person to write a book on everything you'd ever want to know about the 1971 'Cuda.

Contact Ola to buy a signed copy of 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda: Muscle Cars In Detail No. 2 or to simply learn more about his book.